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Analytics Adds Revenue For Iberostar


Iberostar Hotels & Resorts had a lot of transactional customer and prospect information as well as external relationship data on their Americas database. But this data didn’t tell the whole story. What Iberostar didn’t have was a way to tie all of this
valuable information together to get a full view of what their customers and likely customers were actually doing. UMarketing was brought in to perform a detailed audit of all their data.
After the audit was completed, UMarketing recommended developing a Single Customer View (SCV) marketing database
that would consolidate all this data and give a full view of all customer interactions. The SCV database was up and running
in 3 months, and helped Iberostar improve strategy and efficiency that allowed them to create targeted CRM email campaigns.
Programs executed from the Americas CRM database began in 2012 and these efforts have generated a dramatic leap in results: Total CRM campaigns generated $1.5 million in revenue, and control sample measurement showed that 42% of total revenue was incremental to the business.