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Chase Relationship Manager Program

Direct Mail

As part of a pilot program, Chase Relationship Managers provided the names of small business prospects for a centralized acquisition campaign in several footprint states. The purpose of the pilot program was to introduce the local Relationship Managers and encourage these prospects to move their business banking to Chase.
UMarketing developed a three mailing series to highlight the unique Chase Relationship Manager value proposition as well as state-specific accomplishments and testimonials. Incentives helped engage the prospects to make an appointment and learn more about Chase and the local Relationship Manager. This campaign built huge awareness, generated appointments and secured new business for the Relationship Managers.

Mailing 1

Mailing 1

Mailing 1

Mailing 1

This dimensional mailer introduced the Chase Relationship Manager, presented testimonials and small business statistics, and offered a $10 iTunes card incentive for the prospect to make an appointment.

Mailing 2

If no appointment was set up from the first mailer, this dimensional mailer was sent to build further credibility by highlighting the Relationship Manager’s value proposition as well as state-specific accomplishments that were relevant to the prospect. The mailer included an iPod Touch as a powerful motivator to get in touch with the Relationship Manager.

Mailing 3

If the prospect still  did not respond, this third mailing was sent. It was a simple, personalized letter reinforcing the unique benefits of working with the local Relationship Manager and Chase in a last attempt to earn the prospect’s business.