DRUM is a user-focused, digital agency. DRUM specializes in communicating with users based on who they are, how they prefer to be reached and how they want to interact. We choreograph experiences that build authentic interactions, transform brands and grow business.


Resonant Analytics bridges the gap between data and decision. We understand the power
of analytics and sophisticated statistical analysis, how to work with data, and how to apply these tools in the real world — so we can deliver the insight business leaders need to take confident, informed action.


UM Research

UMarketing Research offers a full range of services to give you a clear understanding of how your customers and prospects think and make decisions — and what allows them to perform to their potential. We offer custom-design research, including qualitative and quantitative, in-person focus groups, interviews, and marketplace analysis.

Launchpad Gets Products off The Ground


Testing is essential to find out the winning combination of features, benefits, offer, copy and price. However, the typical
approach is risky: Offers and approaches are brainstormed around a table, then put into expensive in-market testing. Until results come in months later, it’s a shot in the dark. UMarketing’s proprietary LaunchPad research platform lets you find the answers you need just as reliably, at a fraction of the cost, and in a matter of a few weeks. For example, we helped a national credit card issuer test more than 130 card offers, found the winner, and reduced their annual test budget by 75%. And for
one of the nation’s largest cable providers, we tested hundreds of offer and message variations to find the most attractive
combination to lure new customers. The campaign resulting from this research converted 31% more customers than the
control. LaunchPad works — and it’s just one example of UMarketing’s commitment to science and accountable

Download a PDF to learn more about UMarketing's LaunchPad platform.