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UMarketing and its sister agencies, BKV, and Hiccup, are now one agency, unified by a single name and a single vision — DRUM. We’re the same folks you know and love, with the same expertise and passion for our work. Now with new, expanded offerings! Welcome to DRUM. Let’s dance.



Branding, Direct Mail

Smartling is a translation software company that simplifies and accelerates translation and localization for companies reaching a global market. Smartling wanted to make an impression with their clients and prospects over the winter holiday with a unique, bespoke gift personalized to their brand. UMarketing designed a Smart(ling) car that showed them to be fun, inventive, and approachable; a company their target prospects and customers would want to do business with. The campaign received unanimous positive feedback including shared videos of people playing with the car, multiple emails of thanks and gratitude, and new business meetings scheduled.