UMarketing is
now DRUM

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UMarketing and its sister agencies, BKV, and Hiccup, are now one agency, unified by a single name and a single vision — DRUM. We’re the same folks you know and love, with the same expertise and passion for our work. Now with new, expanded offerings! Welcome to DRUM. Let’s dance.




Generate insights with certainty

Use our proprietary research platform to find the best offer, copy or pricing before you spend big money on a launch — and blast off with confidence.


Proven ways to help your business grow.

UMarketing is continually developing innovative and effective solutions to help our clients improve their marketing, reduce waste and lower costs. Learn more about some of our proprietary services below.

Social Media as a Competitive Asset

Learn how to use the fine art of conversation as part of your overall communication strategy.

Managing Migration ROI

How to use analytical models to discover where your
best customers are, where they’re going, and where
to focus your marketing most effectively.

Campaign Optimization Practice (COP)

Centralize all your online and offline marketing data
and use a single easy-to-use dashboard for the insight
you need to drive better campaign results.

UMarketing Digital Analytics

97% of website visitors don’t become customers. Our advanced digital and mobile analytics can help you find
out why — and boost your numbers.


Get nearly instant insights and eliminate marketing
guesswork with our proprietary online panel — UMatter
is ready when you are.